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2023 Stewardship Campaign

October 2022

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

It is with heartfelt gratitude that we thank you for your continued support of the mission and ministry of St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church.

In Mark’s Gospel, Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do people say that I am?” Jesus gives us, his modern-day disciples, an open invitation to follow him. As we at St. Bart’s navigate this period of transition, we find ourselves asking similar questions: Who do we say that we are? Who do we want to be? How can we be better disciples of Christ, and live fully into what God is calling us to be? These vital questions not only frame how we continue to grow together as a community of faith but they also lay the foundation to inform who we will call as our next rector. While these questions may solicit different answers, all these answers are rooted in one similarity: generosity.

Generosity is a hallmark of our Christian identity. There comes a time in each of our lives when Jesus asks us to do something extraordinary: to follow Him and be generous of our time, talent and treasure—all to further the goal of building God’s kingdom.

As we look back on this past year, we have seen what’s possible when we fully unleash our spirit of generosity:

  • A joy-filled music program that enhances our worship and fellowship experiences and allows us to reach new audiences;
  • A revamped and revitalized Children’s and Youth ministry that allows us to form disciples of all ages;
  • Expanded ministries to support our seniors that fully engage them in the life of the parish;
  • Enlightening adult formation through forums and Bible studies that deepen our Christian understanding and curiosity; and
  • Expanded outreach and service opportunities that allow us to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world.

Friends, this vibrancy, growth and expansion can only continue with your generous support. At this time in the parish’s history, it is of utmost importance to share generously of the bounty God has given to us. Please review the materials below as you prayerfully consider your support for St. Bart’s next year.

Let’s chart a positive future together, guided by our faith and trust in God. This is our time.


Anne M. Hand
Stewardship Committee Chair

Demetreus L. Gregg 
Development Director




 I am praying that you will put into action the generosity that comes from your faith as you understand and experience all the good things we have in Christ.


Philemon 1:6

bishop blessing girlHow much does it cost?

Just as you do with your household budget, St. Bart’s calculates how much it costs to run the church for a typical week. That weekly cost comes out to about $23,897 including:

$4,869 for pastoral care and worship
$3,037 for our inspirational music program
$4,308 to run the buildings and grounds
$4,419 for Christian formation and programs


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the annual stewardship campaign support?

The stewardship campaign accounts for over 60% of the current year’s operating budget (the remaining 40% comes from the renting of our space and income from the preschool, facilities, fundraisers, etc.). Therefore, the stewardship campaign supports a little bit of everything – be it the maintenance of our buildings, family programming, or community ministries.

What do you mean when you say "make a pledge?"

A pledge is simply an estimate of what you expect to give to the church to support its mission and ministry in the year to come. This enables us to plan our budget and make careful, purposeful decisions. On a personal level, pledging helps transform your giving into a spiritual practice, because it becomes something you do regularly like worship or prayer. By transforming our giving in a commitment, we reinforce for ourselves that God is a priority in our life.

How do I make a pledge?

You can make a pledge in one of two easy ways:
1. Declare your pledge by clicking here and submitting our online pledge card.
2. By emailing Development Director Demetreus Gregg.

How do I pay my pledge?

Some people prefer to pay their pledge all at once while others prefer to pay their pledge incrementally. One can also set up a recurring payment so that each month a predetermined amount is processed via credit card. Click here to make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments online. To declare a 2023 pledge, click here.

Is it possible to pay my pledge with stock or securities?

Absolutely! For more information about this please contact Development Director Demetreus Gregg.

Is my pledge binding?

While your pledge is not legally binding, we ask that you only pledge an amount that you are comfortable donating. Of course, we all understand that sometimes life happens and should a situation arise that requires you to adjust the amount you initially pledged, please contact Demetreus Gregg.

Planned Giving

Lake Poway

Planned Giving

Every year more and more people recognize the importance of including St. Bart's in their end-of-life plans. Unless otherwise restricted, legacy gifts support the growth of St. Bart's endowment, which is critical to St. Bart's long-term success and financial stability. For more information, please contact Development Director Demetreus Gregg