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We're Hiring: Preschool Director

We're seeking a part-time preschool director. Read on to learn more about it.

by Demetreus Gregg on July 28, 2021

Preschool Director Job Description


The preschool director is a part of the church leadership team and reports to the rector/priest-in-charge. The director is responsible for all aspects of the daily operation of the preschool, including curriculum development, staff hiring and management, recruitment and enrollment, parent relations, budget oversight, purchasing of supplies and equipment, property maintenance and other duties which may be identified on an ongoing basis.

Please send resume and cover letter to Parish Administrator Beth Dean


Program Development

  • Maintain, develop, or modify curriculum to meet the needs of children enrolled in the Preschool
  • Plans and implements enrichment programs and field trips
  • Oversee and review student assessments
  • Oversee St. Bartholomew’s Preschool social media presence
  • Oversee the development of calendars to communicate activities and classroom listings
  • In conjunction with the rector, define policies of admission, attendance and tuition, education goals, and establish all necessary policies and procedures pertaining to the operation of the preschool consistent with the St. Bartholomew’s employee handbook

Staff Oversight

  • Lead/supervise teachers and ensure required courses and immunizations are complete and documented
  • Identify and recruit the support needed to support the preschool mission
  • Interview, hire and guide new teachers and support staff
  • Observe teachers and advise on their classroom leadership, team collaboration, curriculum implementation, parent relationships and adherence to the mission of the preschool
  • Lead regular staff meetings and communicate to teachers via e-mail as necessary
  • Plan, organize, coordinate and promote professional development training
  • Conduct formal performance reviews
  • Identify personnel problems and take appropriate action as deemed necessary
  • Update and seek input from the Personnel committee on policies, procedures and staff development

Student Recruitment and Enrollment

  • Oversee the the development of marketing, advertising and recruitment plans as needed to maintain optimal school enrollment
  • Oversee the advertisement of enrollment dates, production of enrollment packets and post to the website necessary forms
  • Determine the class offerings for the school year and obtain the rector’s approval
  • Conduct tours for prospective families and organize all marketing and enrollment materials
  • Provide for the orientation of newly enrolled students and their families to the school and its policies
  • Oversee the student files, including identification and emergency information

Parent Relations

  • Serve as the primary point of contact for the parents
  • Communicate with parents of children who are exhibiting inappropriate behavioral, social or emotional challenges to determine appropriate action
  • Consider creating and managing a parent advisory board

Parish Community and Church Relations

  • Serve as liaison between the preschool and the church community, articulating priorities and concerns, and maintaining open and ongoing communication between the two
  • Advocate on behalf of the preschool, ensuring it is a visible and vital ministry of the Parish
  • Work effectively with the church staff regarding scheduling of events, facilities and personnel
  • In partnership with the treasurer, develop the preschool budget for approval by the finance committee and vestry
  • Oversee and complete the billing and collection processes of the preschool program offerings
  • Plan for equipment purchases

Organizational Leadership

  • Attend and present at two (2) evening vestry meetings (October and May)
  • Lead Preschool events such as open house, fundraising, and other special events
  • Keep abreast of research and new development in ECE by attending continuing ed workshops
  • Promote professional development of staff
  • Maintain a professional library for teachers

Compliance and Health Standards

  • Ensure compliance to meet California Childcare Licensing (CCLD)
  • Complete knowledge of all Licensing requirements
  • Oversee the posting of federal, state and local notices for teachers, parents and students
  • Keep the school environment healthy and safe in accordance with California licensing standards and best early childhood education practices
  • Set and oversee emergency and diapering plans


  • Meets California State licensing requirements for Preschool Director
  • Five (5) years of classroom teaching experience
  • At least one (1) year of supervisory or program administration experience
  • Knowledge of state licensing procedures and best practices
  • Skill in the admissions process (including recruiting new families)
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
  • Proven leadership, as well as managerial and organizational skills
  • A track record for being flexible, approachable and inspiring positive collaboration
  • Demonstrated ability to relate sensitively to children, parents and staff
  • Openness to, and interest in, the spiritual formation of children
  • Computer and email proficiency
  • Basic financial management skills
  • Basic bookkeeping skills
  • Knowledge of Excel and WORD
  • Maintain professional confidentiality standards in all interactions with others

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