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Ushers & Greeters Needed

by Demetreus Gregg on June 02, 2022

Dear Friends,

As we emerge from the pandemic, we are excited to return to at least some sense of normalcy.  To that end we are working to refresh and rejuvenate all of our ministries.  I’m writing to you today to tell you about plans to enhance our worship services by developing strong usher and greeter ministries. 

As you know, our worship services are orchestrated by many people.  Since returning to in-person services our clergy, choir and music ministries, altar guild, flower guild, and digital crew have done a wonderful job in re-building our offerings.  Two areas that we now need to turn attention to are ushers and greeters.  Both of these ministries are vital to conducting our services and importantly are frequently the first impression of the church that visitors and prospective members engage with and meet.  It’s time to put some structure in both of these ministries so that we have reliable and consistent service and presence to support our worship.

We are soliciting your help to participate in one of these simple and yet vital ministries.  The good news is that volunteers only need to serve one day a month, at most.  We estimate that it will take 16 people to volunteer to be an usher and 16 people to volunteer to be a greeter to develop these ministries into the vital services we need.  We will break these 16 people into 4 person teams and each team will be responsible for one Sunday a month.  Of the 4 people on each team, we only need 2 to serve so we will have extras.  We will also be asking one of the 4 people to be the coordinator and ensure that 2 people are available on their designated week.  Finally, we are also seeking one usher and one greeter to act as the coordinator of this ministry.  If you feel called to help in this manner please let us know.

The tasks of an usher and greeter are easy and straightforward.  There are really only two requirements…be friendly and have a desire to help us rejuvenate St Bart’s.  Before we launch our new team plan, we will have a comprehensive guide that will answer all of your questions. 

Now for the ask.  We need you to sign up!  In a parish our size it should be easy to find 32 people to sign up for one period a month.  However, clipboards on the patio and casual asking haven’t worked so we are making this appeal.  If you can spare one Sunday a month to become an usher or greeter, please send an email to Demetreus Gregg at or Mike Fuqua at .  You won’t be sorry!

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