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Important Vestry Updates

An update from the vestry about the interim rector search, the rector search, construction and more.

by Costa Dillon on August 26, 2021

St. Bart's continues to be an active and thriving parish and we continue to make progress on a number of matters related to the continued success of the church. Please read below for an update from the Vestry.

Interim Rector
I am pleased to report that the vestry approved the selection of an interim rector from among the recommendations given to us by the Rt. Rev. Susan Brown-Snook. A team of six people interviewed each of the applicants and the results of the interview were presented to the vestry for approval.

We are now in the process of completing the required paperwork for calling an interim rector in consultation with the diocese. We will announce the individual when the required approvals are completed.

Preschool Director and Bookkeeper Positions
We are also making progress on finding a new Preschool Director. A number of qualified candidates have been identified and are being interviewed. We hope to be able to announce the selection shortly and be able to open the preschool in January as planned. We are also in the process of seeking a new bookkeeper as a result of Lisa Saldamando’s resignation. We thank Lisa for her service to St. Bart's, and wish her the best in future endeavors!

Construction Progress
The construction of the new parking lot, columbarium walkway, and other Phase 2 elements continues on schedule to be completed in mid-October. The work required to lower the level of the parking lot area to meet our accessibility needs turned out to be more than expected requiring the removal of more than 20 truckloads of soil and rock instead of the 8 truckloads that had been anticipated. If you have attended church you may have noticed the posters on the construction fence that show what the competed project will look like.

A reminder that while construction continues, the columbarium can be reached by walking up the hiking/riding trail to the cross on the hill and then descending down to the columbarium. This is not an accessible route, but it does allow access until the new accessible walkway is completed. A temporary, wood frame ramp will be installed this week in the preschool playground to provide interim access to the remaining existing ramp to the columbarium until the final work is completed.

We will also be installing a new LED lighting system in the sanctuary to replace our outdated system. The old control system we have is failing and causes the bulbs to go out prematurely. This work includes removing the large wood light control box from where it is currently in the seating area to be replaced with an electronic control panel on the wall.

Financial Audit
Under Diocesan guidelines St Bart’s is required to have an audit of our financial statements by an independent CPA at least every other year. As a matter of policy, St Bart’s exceeds this expectation by having an audit every year and the Vestry has recently accepted the audit for 2020. The CPA issued a clean audit opinion on St Bart’s financial statements and identified no material weaknesses in internal controls, even as procedures were modified during the COVID-19 shutdown.

October Celebration
The resurgence of COVID-19 caused a change to the planned St. Bart’s Weekend events. We are hoping that by early October we will be in a better place with regards to the pandemic and can have a more traditional event. We hope to be able to have a BBQ to celebrate the completion of the Phase 2 construction and to welcome the Interim Rector and the Preschool Director. More information on these plans will be forthcoming.

As always, thank you for your commitment to our beloved community.

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