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Construction Update: Summer 2021

We realize that the construction adds noise, dust, and other inconveniences to the campus and will cause disruptions in administrative functions from time to time. We ask everyone’s patience as we continue this project that advances our shared vision for a more welcoming, accessible, community-centered church.

by Costa Dillon on June 29, 2021

Phase Two of the church renovation is underway and will continue all summer. We scheduled the project for the summer to have minimum effect on the preschool and to have most work completed in time for preschool opening in September. The project faced several delays related to COVID and Poway city permitting.
As with any construction project, we have had to adjust due to findings on the ground, funds available, permits, and schedules. Here are the actions you will see this summer:
  • Demolition of the old parish hall
  • Construction of the new accessible parking lot on the site of the parish hall that will have a surface that can be used as an extended patio for church events
  • Construction of a new, accessible walkway to the Columbarium
  • Renovation of the current walkway to the Columbarium
We have added temporary disabled parking to the north parking area in the main lot. The bartmobile electric cart provides rides from this location to the sanctuary during weekend services.
Due to increased costs and extended lead times for playground equipment, the enlargement of the playground will not take place in this phase. The current playground is sufficient for a preschool enrollment of 82 students, well above our current enrollment.
Why the Project Needs to Be Completed this Summer:
  • Construction of Phase Two this summer meets our commitment to the City of Poway to address campus accessibility issues this summer.
  • The church has been cited by the City of Poway for non-compliant accessible parking in the upper parking circle and non-compliant path-of-travel to and from the upper parking circle. This Phase Two work will remedy these issues. Poway allowed the church until this summer to correct these deficiencies.
  • Funding for the project is available now. If we delayed construction of Phase Two until next year we would have had to absorb increased costs of materials and labor.
  • Construction now will eliminate another year of potential exposure to additional repair/replacement costs to address overdue deferred maintenance of the 53-year-old parish hall.
  • The project management team, consultants, general contractor and the City of Poway are in place to deliver the project this summer. If we had to start over, we might not be able to get all these elements in place again by next summer, causing further delays and increased costs.
What Would Happen If We Postpone a Year:
  • We would need to request another year’s deferral from the City of Poway to address the accessibility non-compliance issues. There is no guarantee the city would grant this request and we could face fines.
  • Our plan approvals would expire, and we would have to re-submit, pay new plan check fees and start the review and approval process over.
  • Inflation would increase the cost of construction.
  • We would incur the time and expense of re-bidding project.
  • The city/county/state can change building codes at any time, and we would have to redesign and pay for changes that could occur between now and next year.
  • We would have to pay for additional consultant fees to revise submittal drawings and the processing efforts for permits a second time.
  • Our Poway city planner is retiring July 6. We would have to restart the review and approval process with a new planner.
  • The church exists because of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) that allows the church to operate in this zone. This permit was modified in 2020 to entitle our phased parish community center project. This CUP modification entitlement expires on April 7, 2022. By undergoing this construction in 2021, we extend the life of this permit. Otherwise, we would have to file a time-extension request for approval by the city council and risk incurring additional costs.
We realize that the construction adds noise, dust, and other inconveniences to the campus and will cause disruptions in administrative functions from time to time. We ask everyone’s patience as we continue this project that advances our shared vision for a more welcoming, accessible, community-centered church.
If you have any questions you may direct them to project manager Mark Davis or Senior Warden Costa Dillon.
2020 Construction Updates

This summer work will be done to the courtyard and Sanctuary. With the approval of permits and contractors, we can share this update on the likely dates of the work. Keep in mind that COVID-19 issues and other factors could alter these timelines. 

View the Flickr photo album here.

Update August 5, 2020

Much progress has been made in demolition and utility work. Sanctuary renovations are well underway, including:

  • Framing for new Chancel and ramp to the Chancel have been completed.
  • Trenching for utility systems and the laying of conduit for these systems is nearly complete in the courtyard and in the Sanctuary.
    The new restrooms are framed out.

Outside of the Sanctuary, the trees and concrete have been removed from the courtyard in preparation for new concrete and turf. Additionally, the walkway alongside the Administration building is complete.

What's coming next?

  • Completion of the walkway and steps from lower parking to the Chapel.
  • Installation of underground utilities and storm drainage in the courtyard.
  • Preparation of the Sanctuary floor for carpet installation.
  • Finish grading of courtyard and preparation for the laying of new concrete and artificial turf surfaces.

Update June 18, 2020

The concrete walkway will be removed in front of the North Parish Hall. Anyone attending Saturday's congregational worship will be walking on plywood to access the North Parish Hall. Sturdy, closed-toe, shoes are recommended.

Additionally, access to the Chapel and patio area will be accessible through a cut in the retaining wall along the upper parking lot circle. Access will be on plywood. The chapel restrooms will be accessible by sidewalk in front of the Chapel.

Demolition begins June 15

  • Demolition of the courtyard concrete including the removal of the trees. All the concrete on the existing courtyard up to the south retaining wall will be demolished and removed.
  • Removal of restrooms and the non-load-bearing walls at the Sanctuary entrance begins. Pews, chancel, and carpeting will be removed. Our plan is to donate the pews to another place of worship. All donation plaques from the sanctuary will be collected, cataloged, and stored in the church office.

Construction will begin as demolition makes sites available including:

  • New courtyard concrete and artificial turf
  • New chancel and carpet in the Sanctuary
  • Acquisition and installation of chairs and a few pews in the Sanctuary
  • Construction of new Sanctuary restrooms
  • Construction of new walkway from the main parking lot up to the upper parking area

Courtyard Shade

In consultation with landscape specialists, it was determined there are no tree species that would not risk damaging the concrete over time and/or cause unwelcome maintenance costs. We’ve decided to incorporate commercial umbrella systems into the design of the patio. These umbrellas will provide much-needed shade during events and can be entirely removed from the courtyard if desired.  

Closed Areas

When demolition begins, the following areas will be closed:

  • Stairs/ramps from parking lot to the main courtyard
  • The main patio/courtyard
  • The Sanctuary
  • The Education Building

Open Areas

While the areas listed below will remain open during demolition and construction for staff except for limited closures to accommodate work, please be aware that St. Bartholomew's campus is currently closed due to COVID-19. The only exception is for Saturday worship.

  • Upper parking circle
  • Administration Building
  • Parish Hall

Please contact with questions regarding the construction process.

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