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Call Committee Announced

The call committee has been selected and these are the members.

by Costa Dillon on February 24, 2022

I am pleased to announce that the vestry has approved a Call Committee to conduct the search for the new Rector. The committee is comprised of the following parishioners who volunteered for this important responsibility.
JD Cowart   
Jerry Gray  
Greg Moran   
Mollie Allan   
Sally Verkleeren   
Charlotte Jones   
David Goff    
Steve Natoli   
Kristen Engler   
Mary Spencer    
Shinobu Horne    
Dan Crane   
Brooke Grandinetti    
A reminder of the process for finding a new Rector:
  • The Call Committee will meet as needed to carry out the work of identifying candidates for Rector. Guidance for this process will be from the Canon to the Ordinary, the wardens, the Canons of the Episcopal Church and the San Diego Diocese.
  • The vestry will create a Profile Committee composed of members from the Call Committee and other parishioners who will write the Office for Transition Ministry (OTM) Ministry Portfolio and the Parish Profile, utilizing their knowledge of St. Bart’s and congregational responses gathered in the initial transition. 
  • The Profile Committee will meet with the vestry and the Canon to the Ordinary to finalize and post the OTM Ministry Portfolio and the Parish Profile. The Diocese will consult with the vestry to clarify the terms of the call.
  • The call will be posted for a nationwide search. After posting, St. Bartholomew’s will be in the receiving names phase and the committee will take responsibility for the calling process, consulting and updating the wardens regularly. The Interim Rector may offer general guidance to the Call Committee but is not involved in the details of the calling process.
  • The Call Committee will handle communication with the parish, offering periodic updates. The updates are general, not using the names of candidates or any information about them.
  • All applications will come first to the Canon to the Ordinary, who performs initial background checks before forwarding names to the Call Committee.
  • Based on answers to written questions, the Call Committee will decide who to interview.
  • Candidates may or may not visit the church. If candidates visit they also must meet the Bishop.
  • The Call Committee may also decide to visit candidates in their ministry contexts. If so, visits happen ideally in pairs or threes. Not all Call Committees make these visits. Visits must be approved in advance by the vestry and the Canon to the Ordinary.
  • A list of three finalists will be presented to the Senior Warden and vestry along with all of the information that the Call Committee can pass on (resumes, profiles, answers to written questions, and summary information from interviews). After the finalists are presented to the vestry, authority for the process is handed over to the vestry and the work of the Call Committee is complete.
  • Our best estimate is that we may be able to identify and call a new Rector before the end of this year and have the new Rector here in early 2023.
As noted last fall, the process of finding a new Rector is deliberate and cautious. We want to be sure we find a Rector who is right for St. Bart’s. Much prayer and discernment will be a part of this process and we should all pray for the Call Committee in their work.
Costa Dillon
Senior Warden

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