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SATURDAYS at 5pm in the Chapel

SUNDAYS at 8am and 10am in the Sanctuary
9am Education Hour: Sunday School in Ed Building & Adult Forum in the MPR

WEDNESDAYS (First and Third of the month) at 6pm in the Chapel



St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church is a radically welcoming, inclusive faith family--sharing and teaching the love of Jesus Christ through our worship, actions and outreach: transforming ourselves and the world.

Following in the example of Jesus, we welcome and celebrate all who seek God's unconditional love regardless of their ability, age, cultural background, economic status, ethnicity, education, gender, gender identity, race, religious heritage, or sexual orientation.  You won't need to park you brain at the door, nor any other part of who you are.

St. Bart's exists as a house of prayer for all people and we are blessed to be home to a wide diversity of faith backgrounds and experiences.  We were raised Episcopalian, Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Pentecostal, Mormon, Hindu, Evangelical, Baptist, Presbyterian--just to name a few!  And while we may be different in our religious upbringing, we are united in our conviction that all must be welcome so that together, we might experience a more complete picture of God.       

We are comfortable asking questions without expecting easy or black and white answers.  God is too big to fit into our small boxes.  Instead, we tend to see our faith as more of a journey than a destination and are less concerned about who's getting into heaven, than whether we have helped bring a little more of heaven to earth.  Most importantly, at St. Bart's all are welcome at God's table because we are bound together not by dogma, but by common prayer and a common desire be disciples of Christ, revealing his life, love and light to the world.

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Whoever you are, wherever you find yourself on the journey of faith, there is a place for you here!