The Episcopal Way


The Episcopal Way

Whether you are brand new to St. Bart’s and want to explore the basics of Anglican Christianity, or a long time member looking to deepen their faith, this course is for you! The Rev. Bill Zettinger and Chris Harris lead this course, which is ideal for anyone interested in Baptism, Confirmation or Reception or those wanting to reaffirm their faith. Course videos and materials will be added to this page as they become available.

CLASS RECORDINGS - Listen to past classes: 

Class 1: Introduction  (Course overview handout, Faith and Doubt handout)

Class 2: The Bible Part 1  (How Scripture Came to Be handout)

Class 3The Bible Part 2 (Hebrew & Greek Canons handout)

Class 4: The New Testament (Handout

Class 5: Church History Part 1 (Church History Timeline handout)

Class 6: Church History Part 2 - East-West Schism to The Reformation (handout)