The vestry is the governing body of the parish, made up of 12 lay leaders elected by the parish who work closely with the rector on strategic and financial planning. Vestry members serve three year terms, and four new members are elected at the annual parish meeting each January. The Sr. Warden of the vestry is chosen by the rector after the election. The Jr. Warden is responsible for the parish facilities and is elected by the vestry. The term of office for the wardens is one year. Members of St. Bartholomew's in good standing are encouraged to stand for election to the vestry. Vestry election occurs at the end of January during the Annual Meeting.

The 2019 Vestry (term expiration included where applicable)

Jim Macemon, Senior Warden (2022)
Nancy Peterson, Junior Warden (2022)
Pat Blair (2020)
Larry Burgess (2022)
Elaine Coke (2020)
Dan Crane (2020)
Mark Davis (2020)
Susan McCormick-Davis (2021)
Costa Dillon (2021)
Cathie Roy (2021)
Will Smith (2022)
George Tynan (2021)
Maya Berthoud (2020) - Youth Representative

Terry McCune, Treasurer
Pauline Getz-Enos, Chancellor
Akiko Tamano, Clerk