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Thrift Shop Announcement

Posted by The Rev. Mark McKone-Sweet on

It is with both sadness and joy that we announce the closing of the St. Bartholomew’s Thrift Shop at the end of February 2020. Since we were informed that leases in the shopping center would not be renewed, our thrift shop team, including Sumner Rollings, Liz Angus, Carla Morrisey, and Bill Angus, have worked tirelessly to locate another location. Their efforts included meeting with City of Poway officials (who indicated city planning efforts were moving away from thrift shops), untold number of meeting with real estate professionals and even scouting locations outside of Poway such as Escondido.

After much prayer and discussion, we realize that this ministry is moving through its life cycle. While we are saddened by the end of our Thrift Shop, we are also joyous recounting the many ways we had a positive impact on so many lives.

St. Bartholomew’s Thrift Shop grew from a church rummage sale to a retail operation serving Poway and surrounding communities from a 5,000 square foot store on Poway Road. For the last 53 years, our Thrift Shop has been a ministry of outreach to the hundreds of lives we touched every day – those who shop as well as those who volunteer. Of course, sales from the Thrift Shop benefited St. Bart’s Outreach programs.

So much of what we have accomplished goes beyond pricing and selling items. We have listened to each other, shared celebrations, shared photographs of grandchildren and special vacations, shared aches and pains, and found an excuse to have lunch together. This last 53 years has meant being there and opening our hearts to one another. This ministry, this community will be missed.

We thank the St. Bart’s Vestry and Finance Committee who worked so hard to assist us in developing a viable business plan to go forward.
But most importantly thank you to every volunteer who has offered their time and talent to this important ministry. This will feel like a death in the family and it’s ok, and expected, that you mourn. And as Easter people, we also know God will use all of us in new ways to further the mission of this community.

Please remember that St. Bart’s Thrift Shop is in business until the very end. We are accepting donations through February 1 and open for business. Stop by to chat and shop for Christmas. Maybe give a volunteer a hug too.