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Haiti Day 2: Feast Day of the Epiphany (January 6, 2018). 

Posted by The Rev. Mark McKone-Sweet on


What a great day it has been. After a good night sleep we packed up the two trucks and drove to Lorenette. It took a bit longer thanks to some wet roads and the decay of parts of the roads since my last visit. 

When we arrived at the Epiphany School, we greeted by a large crowd, including choir groups from several episcopal churches on the area (all an hour+ or more away by truck). We had a long  procession through to the local roads and into the school courtyard and, like we do on Easter vigil or Palm Sunday, filled the seats. It was a festive two hours to say the least. 

I wonder if God is trying to gives us (the people of St Bart’s) a foreshadow of how St Bart’s is being transformed to build community : meeting peoples needs throughout the week. Calling us to make God’s love more and more real and tangible to all - no exceptions. This school is much more than a school, or a standing monument for hope. It is place people gather for healing, strengthen and endurance to overcome lives challenges, a hurricane shelter, a music nursery.  A home for children and and youth to be fed. And this week, a source for medical treatment.  

The rest of the afternoon was purely social. A hundred members of the church and our team mingling, getting to know each other. As the evening progressed, we found our sleeping quarters, and settled in. Our evening check in quickly became logistic  planning: worship tomorrow, resetting space for the first day of our medical clinic, offering our first day of medical clinic and making home visits to the homebound.