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Haiti Day 1: The Twelfth Day of Christmas (Friday, January 5)

Posted by The Rev. Mark McKone-Sweet on

The good news is we all arrived safely in Hinche, Haiti yesterday. The truth is that the saga began Thursday with the super storm canceling two flights for Mike and David. Kelli, Allen, Mary Ann, Wayne and Fr Mark all arrived in Miami at 5:30am to catch our flight to Haiti. After a full day - we all made it, including Mike and David. We had a great night sleep. 

Here is our mission team: 

Dr Michael Weisberg (college friend of Fr Mark) who starting his medical training in Guadalajara, Mexico and finished in New Jersey as an ER Doctor. He is currently director of the ER Columbia Memorial Hospital in Albany, NY. Dr Mary Ann Hager, professor of linguistics at UCSD, Dr. Wayne Hager, Retired Professor of Engineering at Penn State, David Millner senior at University of Maryland, premed. And our team co-leaders Allen Adams and Kelli Richardson. Fr Mark is serving as chaplain.  

Our plan is to dedicate the school tomorrow (Saturday), worship and setup our medical screening clinic on Sunday, set up system documentation, photo shoots and photo printing for each student and prepare for games and activities for all. 

Although it is the middle of the dry season, it is not dry. Rain is falling tonight and we are expecting afternoon rains each day. The good news is the dust, which usually consumes the air and lungs, has been put to rest. The challenge is the many dirt roads, washed out from fall 2017 hurricanes are a bit of a challenge for our four wheel drive trucks. 

Alas, this is the adventure of mission. Great plans, deepening of relationships and constant invitation to change plans and be very creative. 

Photos and more reports will posted as we are able to access internet / email.