Hope for Homes


Hope for Homes

St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, in partnership with Interfaith Community Services, is providing hope for families struggling with homelessness. Our goal is to raise $35,000 in support of Interfaith’s Housing 1000 and Hope for Homes programs. Interfaith is committed to ending the struggle of homelessness for men, women and children.

St. Bart's plans to provide funding to help families enter or maintain housing in their times of need. These funds may help in many different ways. Some examples include:

  • Paying a rental deposit to enable a family to move into a new apartment
  • Paying off a past due electric bill so that power is not shut off to a home
  • Providing other support services that will help individual and families to afford a home

Once St. Bart’s helps an individual or family, we will also offer additional assistance to the families by offering household goods, helping to paint or repair their apartment, providing a holiday meal or responding to additional needs. Our goal is to support housing and to help create homes.

St. Bart’s began to offer this support in 2017, providing $5,000 to the Hope for Homes program each year. This program provides funds to families who cannot be helped through other grants or government funding. Often these families are just above the poverty line but struggle to raise the funds to be able to enter housing. Read about how we helped one family in 2018