The Legacy Society


The Legacy Society

Legacy Society LogoThe Legacy Society is a faithful group of individuals who have expressed their commitment to the mission and ministries of St. Bart's for future generations by remembering St. Bart's in their will, trust, or other estate plan.


As stewards of God's gifts, we are each called to discern how we will put our accumulated stewardship to work building the Kingdom of God long after we are gone. We are each recipients of the legacy of those who came before us. What will be our contribution to those who come after?  Legacy giving allows us to transfer accumulated assets from one generation to the next, thus enabling the light of Christ to continue to shine in our community and the world through the mission and ministry of St. Bartholomew's. 

Legacy giving also helps us to grow spiritually. By prayerfully discerning how we want to be remembered after we are gone, we begin to change the way we live today; to live more fully and to follow Christ more intentionally. 


At St. Bart's, we are firm beliSt. Bart's Legacy Society Iconevers in the "widow's might." Everyone, regardless of the size of your gift or your "estate" can become a member by leaving a gift to St. Bart's in your will or trust or other testamentary device.  Many people leave a percentage such as 10% or 25% of your estate - regardless of what that amount might be.


If you have remembered St. Bart's in your will or other estate plans in any way, you already are a member! Simply let us know so that we can enroll you to our next event - The Legacy Society holds occasional events and outings to celebrate your generosity as well as to promote legacy giving and honor your generosity.

Need help getting started or want to update an existing will or trust? Contact Pat Blair or the Rev. Mark McKone-Sweet, 858-487-2159. 

 Bishop Mathes blesses the Legacy Society during 2016 visit

Bishop Mathes blesses the Legacy Society during 2016 visit