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Journey Through Genesis

Journey Through Genesis

Every Wednesday, from 04/24/2019 to 07/10/2019, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Reading Genesis Again — For the First Time

We want to take you on a journey. A journey you will not easily forget. It is a journey through the book of Genesis, experiencing it again for the first time and exploring what it says to us today. Several years ago, Bill Moyers presented his series: "Genesis A Living Conversation" on PBS. As the title indicates, each of its ten programs centered on a lively discussion among clergy, academics, artists, and people like you and me on a selected story in Genesis. It was "a living discussion" as the panel members related the biblical story to their own experiences of faith and work.

The American public has become increasingly illiterate about the Bible. Genesis, of course, is ideally suited for multicultural dialogue since it is honored by Jews, Christians, and Muslims. It is a tribute to the captivating character of Genesis that such interest continues. The rich complexity of the accounts in Genesis make for spirited conversation and emotional debate.

One of our goals for this series is to cull out a modem appropriation of the stories for today's personal and social concerns. Sprinkled throughout our series will be questions about what can be learned from Genesis and how one's faith is influenced or not. For example, the rejection of Esau speaks to the "marginalized peoples" of our times. Joseph's rise over obstacles is a message to young people today. Another view in the Joseph story will also be considered about Potiphar's wife as misogynistic (holding hatred for women). Is the Sarah-Hagar tension a commentary on racism? Joseph, like immigrants today, learned how to live in a different cultural pattern, as he was both Hebrew and Egyptian. What can we learn from these stories today?

Each class includes a 50-minute video followed by a short break and then discussion. Notes and snacks will be provided. Handouts for every session are provided.

We will also leave time for discussion in each class so your own personal views can be shared and experienced.

The Schedule:

1st Session: Wed April 24 - An Overview of Genesis

2nd Session: Wed May 1 - In God’s Image (The creation stories)

3rd Session: Wed May 8 – Temptation (Eating from the Tree of Knowledge)

4th Session: Wed May 15 – The first murder (Cain and Abel)

5th Session: Wed May 22 – Apocalypse (Noah and The Flood)

BREAK Wed May 29 - Week off (Memorial Day week)

6th Session: Wed June 5 - Call and Promise (The Covenant with Abraham)

7th Session: Wed June 12 - A Family Affair (Sarah, Hagar, Isaac and Ismael)

8th Session: Wed June 19 - The Test (Abraham asked to sacrifice Isaac)

9th Session: Wed June 26 - Blessed Deception (Jacob takes Esau’s inheritance)

10th Session: Wed July 3 - God Wrestling (Jacob becomes Israel)

11th Session: Wed July 10 - Exile (Joseph’s story)