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Why Evil Exists?

Why Evil Exists?

Every Wednesday, from 09/19/2018 to 02/20/2019, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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Why do humans do evil? What is behind "man's inhumanity to man," the troubling fact of human actions that produce suffering and destruction? Is it ultimately a spiritual or cosmic problem? Is it a consequence of social systems or power structures? Or is it some inner deficit of human nature, lurking in the shadow world of our psychology? Why, in the end, does evil exist? Each class includes a short video followed by discussion. Classes are facilitated by the Rev. Bill Zettinger and Bob Capettini. A free will offering of $5 per month is suggested to pay for snacks and beverages.



Dec 26 (Off Christmas Break)

Jan 2 (Off New Years Break)

Dec 26 (Off Christmas Break)

Jan 2 (Off New Year’s Break)

Jan 9 Session 22 and 23       
Marx – Materialism and Evil
The American North and South – Holy War

Jan 16 Session 24 and 25
Nietzsche – Considering the Language of Evil
Dostoevsky – The Demonic in Modernity

Jan 23 Session 26 and 27
Conrad – Incomprehensible Terror
Freud – The Death Drive and the Inexplicable

Jan 30 Session 28 and 29      
Camus – The Challenge to Take Evil Seriously
Post-WWII Protestant Theology on Evil

Feb 6 Session 30 and 31        
Post-WWI Roman Catholic Theology on Evil
Post-WWI Jewish Thought on Evil

Feb 13 Session 32                  
Arendt – The Banality of Evil

Feb 20 Session 33 and 34      
Life in Truth – 20th-Century Poets on Evil
Science and the Empirical Study of Evil

Feb 27 Session 35                 
The “Unnaming” of Evil
Where Can Hope Be Found?
Graduation luncheon and DISCUSSION