Construction Update


Construction Update

This summer work will be done to the courtyard and Sanctuary. With the approval of permits and contractors we can share this update on the likely dates of the work. Keep in mind that COVID-19 issues and other factors could alter these timelines. We anticipate the updated areas will be open by September.

Update June 18, 2020

The concrete walkway will be removed in front of the North Parish Hall. Anyone attending Saturday's congregational worship will be walking on plywood to access the North Parish Hall. Sturdy, closed-toe, shoes are recommended.

Additionally, access to the Chapel and patio area will be accessible through a cut in the retaining wall along the upper parking lot circle. Access will be on plywood. The chapel restrooms will be accessible by sidewalk in front of the Chapel.

Demolition begins June 15

  • Demolition of the courtyard concrete including the removal of the trees. All the concrete on the existing courtyard up to the south retaining wall will be demolished and removed.
  • Removal of restrooms and the non-load-bearing walls at the Sanctuary entrance begins. Pews, chancel, and carpeting will be removed. Our plan is to donate the pews to another place of worship. All donation plaques from the sanctuary will be collected, cataloged, and stored in the church office.

Construction will begin as demolition makes sites available including:

  • New courtyard concrete and artificial turf
  • New chancel and carpet in the Sanctuary
  • Acquisition and installation of chairs and a few pews in the Sanctuary
  • Construction of new Sanctuary restrooms
  • Construction of new walkway from the main parking lot up to the upper parking area

Courtyard Shade

In consultation with landscape specialists it was determined there are no tree species that would not risk damaging the concrete over time and/or cause unwelcome maintenance costs. We’ve decided to incorporate commercial umbrella systems into the design of the patio. These umbrellas will provide much needed shade during events and can be entirely removed from the courtyard if desired.  

Closed Areas

When demolition begins, the following areas will be closed:

  • Stairs/ramps from parking lot to the main courtyard
  • The main patio/courtyard
  • The Sanctuary
  • The Education Building

Open Areas

While the areas listed below will remain open during demolition and construction for staff except for limited closures to accommodate work, please be aware that St. Bartholomew's campus is currently closed due to COVID-19. The only exception is for Saturday worship.

  • Upper parking circle
  • Administration Building
  • Parish Hall

Please contact with questions regarding the construction process.