Bible Study


Bible Study

Come dive into scripture with a small group and experience the Bible in a new way. Anyone is welcome to join this semester - regardless of Bible knowledge or past experience!

Why study the bible? Reading and reflecting on scripture in community is a way to grow closer to God and one another. We hear inspiration, gain insight and are consoled as we discover our story weaved within the pages of God’s story. In short, studying the bible is life giving! 

Beginners welcome! Never read the bible? That’s OK! Many Christians haven’t either.  All of our bible studies are for beginners as well as seasoned bible readers. Each group will be led by our clergy and experienced, trained facilitators. Most importantly, we will be learning together.

Small Group Bible Studies

This September, we are launching several small group Bible studies using a curriculum called The Path, which is a condensed version of the Bible allowing you to read the entire arc of the Old and New Testaments in three 8-week segments. Small group Bible studies are a great way to become more familiar with scripture, meet new friends, and discover how God’s story is alive within your own life story in new and life-giving ways.

Join one of these groups:

For more information on any of these offerings, contact the Rev. Chris Harris.

Church History

Wednesdays, beginning September 13, 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Join the Rev. Bill Zettinger and travel through history with Christ’s Church. Where early Christians really hunted down and martyred with repeated persecutions for an illegal religion forcing them to hide in the catacombs of Rome? Did ancient Jews of Jesus' time always believe in a single, all-powerful God? How did breaking away from their Jewish roots make Christians more vulnerable in the Roman world? This year-long experience will look at these answers and more! Snacks are provided through a monthly free-will donation of $10 per person. Take a look through the weekly topics, class schedule, and get additional information. No registration necessary. Attend all or as many sessions as you can.

Education for Ministry

Tuesdays, 6-9 p.m.

The “gold standard” of Episcopal bible study! This small group, seminary-level study of scripture and theology is for lay people who are interested in committed, deep reflection on scripture and how it applies to our lives in small group community.

The EfM curriculum is four years in length, with "freshman" joining the group each fall, as everyone else moves up to the next year's coursework. All four years meet together as a group. Contact Bill Doehr at or 619-410-8112 to learn more.