Art at St. Bart's


Art at St. Bart's

Arts at St. Bart’s is a collective to foster a sense of community and creativity through various art projects. We believe the transforming power of arts enhances our worship, actions and outreach to bring the radical love of Jesus Christ to our faith family, our community and our world. 

Our mission is to provide workshops and activities to celebrate God’s unconditional love—creating enrichment to church services, beauty for our campus and beyond, positive change and healing of both individuals and society, enhancement of creativity opportunities for learning and fellowship, and as additional means of prayer.

Our Steering Committee lay members are Holly Adams, BJ Amini, Eileen Price, Lily Birmingham and Rachel Blankenship.

Our Clergy and Staff Members are Allisyn Thomas, John-Luke Addison and Demetreus Gregg.

Contact  with questions about this ministry.

First project due July 12

This is a parish-wide invitation to “transform hate into love.” No art experience is needed. Re-read Message for this time of transformation. When you read and reflect on this letter, what image does God place on your heart? Select a single word and create a piece of art depicting this word and conveying the image God has shown you.

  • Size should be approximately 8 1/2 by 11 or 8 by 10 inches
  • Base material can be paper, cardboard, fabric, canvas or anything else that inspires you
  • Use paint or markers or any sort of mixed materials to create your design
  • Take a photo of your artwork and send it to Make sure art completely fills the photo or place the artwork on a harmonious background so the whole photo becomes the art
  • The image of your artwork will be shared in church services, as a collage on the website or church’s Facebook page, etc. and your submission is an agreement for its use
  • Artwork can be done by an individual or group of individuals such as a family
  • Include which of the 3 age groups best fits the artist(s) for each submission: Pre-school and elementary, middle and high school, adult