2nd Pledge Appeal 2020


2nd Pledge Appeal 2020

A sincere thank you for making your 2020 pledge and Loving Generously. We are very close to being able to achieve our strategic plan of adding a Congregational Development Director to St. Bart’s staff. This role will allow us to expand our fellowship and touch more of God’s people with good works and acts of kindness. We are asking those of you who can reach a little higher to consider increasing your 2020 pledge to allow for this critical new position. If you cannot, we fully understand. The embodiment of our inspired vision for St. Bart’s is as a radically inclusive faith family. Our common goal is to be a strong, vital and growing church community of faith, hope and love - one where all are truly welcome. We are filled with blessed gratitude for your dedication and devotion.

2nd Appeal 2020

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To add our Congregational Developement Director, I can reach higher and increase my annual 2020 pledge by:*